Contest: Win an autographed LP and a pair of tickets to Sigur Rós’ sold-out Mann Center show


Ethereal Icelandic group Sigur Rós returned this year with Valtari, their sixth full-length album and first in four years. They’re supporting it with two sold-out shows at the Skyline Stage of The Mann Center for the Performing Arts this weekend, and for today’s contest, we’re not only giving away a pair of tickets to the Sunday night show, but a autographed vinyl LP of Valtari. All we’re asking you to do is weigh in on some (somewhat easy) band trivia: Sigur Rós named itself after singer Jónsi Birgisson’s sister. But what is the literal translation of the band’s name? Leave your answer in the comments, and we’ll choose a winner at random this afternoon!



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24 Responses to “Contest: Win an autographed LP and a pair of tickets to Sigur Rós’ sold-out Mann Center show”

  1. Bob J.

    “Sigur Rós” = “Victory Rose”

  2. Robert Gaudio


  3. Sarah

    Victory Rose!

  4. dan malloy

    Victory Rose

  5. Dave Cherasaro

    Victory Rose

  6. Dan Stuart

    Victory Rose

  7. Briancostello79

    Victory Rose

  8. Noah Hardt

    Victory Rose

  9. Brian Veitz

    Victory Rose. 

  10. David Yasenchak

    victory rose

  11. Daniel K.

    Victory Rose.

  12. Donald Deeley

    Hate to break with the pack, but I have to say “Victory Rose.”
    I said I hate breaking with the pack.

  13. Mary K.

    Victory Rose

  14. Larry R

    Victory Rose

  15. Travis H

    Victory Rose

  16. Stephen Metzger


  17. justinsomething

    I am going to guess something completely different from the rest of this gang and say that my answer is VICTORY ROSE. 

  18. Madelaine

    Victory Rose!

  19. Wayne

    Victory rose

  20. Hop2it

    Victory Rose

  21. Tara

    Victory Rose

  22. Mika

    Victory Rose

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