XPoNential Fest: John Wesley Harding’s Cabin of Wonders (photos, audio, setlist)


On Sunday, a new twist for the XPO Fest included a comedy/musical variety show hosted by John Wesley Harding entitled “John Wesley Harding’s Cabinet of Wonders”. Harding curated, hosted, and performed during the set renouncing stories, live poetry, and sing-a-long’s. For each show, he handpicks different artists to collaborate together to perform weird, out of the ordinary pieces. This performance featured guests, Megan Reilly, Rhett Miller, and others. To learn more about the show go to NPR’s website. Check out the photo gallery above and listen to the entire set here (via the XPN media player).

Set List:

Poetical Introductions
Wes and Eugene Say Hi
Making Love To Bob Dylan
– John Wesley Harding
– John Wesley Harding
Signed Curtain
– Wes and Rick Moody
Reading With Drums
– Rick Moody
Old Man & The Bird
– Megan Reilly and Wes
To Seal My Love
– Megan Reilly
– Eugene Mirman
One Song
– Rhett Miller
Five Years
– Rhett Miller & The English UK
I’m A Believer
– Wes
Religious Experience
– Everyone



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One Response to “XPoNential Fest: John Wesley Harding’s Cabin of Wonders (photos, audio, setlist)”

  1. Debbieorr15

    Just wanted to let you know we did not like moving to the Susquehanna Center.  We would rather see less well known groups than to move,and not be able to take our cooler or walk up to the stage.  You took away the beautiful Philadelphia night skyline for poor seating, far from the stage with small video screens you could not see in the daylight.   We have enjoyed Wiggins park these past years and would like to see XPN keep just this venue for the festival.
    Debbie Orr & Brian Conner

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