Philly digital tech company Fame House and DJ Shadow launch first-of-its-kind BitTorrent revenue campaign


Philadelphia-based digital media and marketing company Fame House recently announced a campaign with DJ Shadow that allows artists to directly make revenue from a file-sharing platform; in this case, BitTorrent.

Since its 1996 release, Shadow’s Endtroducing has remained one of the most important and innovative DJ/turntablist/hip-hop records. Shadow began working with Fame House founder and CEO Michael Fiebach in 2006 when Fiebach launched Shadow’s online operation. In 2009, Fiebach conceptualized and managed the relaunch, making it the first independently-operated artist download store to license music from a major label for direct-to-fan sales.

With the new campaign, Shadow will essentially make money from free downloads. According to Gigaom:

BitTorrent will offer a bundle of three MP3s from DJ Shadow’s upcoming album, Hidden Transmissions from the MPC Era (1992-1996) for download. The package will also include digital artwork, as well as some bundled software that will generate revenue for both the company and the artist.

BitTorrent, a peer to peer file sharing distribution platform, launched in 2001. While there has been some opinion in the music business claiming that recorded music sales have declined as a result of peer-to-peer distribution platforms being used to share content illegally and copyright infringement, the platform itself is not illegal or a piracy tool. Many indie artists use it to distribute their music, as do record labels and film makers. Now, using BitTorrent’s proprietary client, DJ Shadow intends to monetize his downloads through the immense reach of the file sharing community. Go here for more information.



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