Contest: Win a pair of tickets to see Old Crow Medicine Show with XPo Fest favorites The Lumineers at The Electric Factory on Saturday


We’re giving a way a pair of tickets to see The Old Crow Medicine Show with The Lumineers at the Electric Factory this Saturday night. All you have to do is leave a comment below and we will choose a winner at random tomorrow by 5 p.m.



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94 Responses to “Contest: Win a pair of tickets to see Old Crow Medicine Show with XPo Fest favorites The Lumineers at The Electric Factory on Saturday”

  1. Patrickcpettit

    HOOK A BROTHER UP…..couldn’t make the fri night XPN fest.  New old crow album is awesome too

  2. Becky

    I am dying to go to this show and don’t have tickets yet!  I want to win!

  3. Marjorie Poumaroux

    I LOVED the Lumineers at the festival. even bought their album the next day!

  4. Genesis lomax

    I got there late on friday night and missed these dudes, but i really wanted to see them! 

  5. Dan

    This concert will be awesome!

  6. Jillam1975

    I wanted to grab tickets for this concert, but it wasn’t in my budget this week. 

  7. Mary

    “..Ho  Hey..”…they’re well on their way, with SOLD OUT shows ‘cross the USA!!  Great to have them back in Philly on Saturday!

  8. Caitlin

    Would love to see these two bands crank out the crunchy jams! So great!

  9. Nick

    The Lumineers are my new favorite band and I would love to see them in concert!

  10. Brent_erb

    Winning tickets to the Lumineers and Old Crow Medicine Show at the Ellectric Factory would be far out!

  11. Katie

    The Lumineers are SO good, I’d love to see them again!

  12. Peteyboone

    What an amazing line-up. I would LOVE to see the Lumineers again. I only caught the last 10 minutes of their show on Marina Stage because I was trapped two blocks away in traffic trying to park! I threw the kids out of the car so they wouldn’t miss the show.

  13. Paris

    Absolutely love the lumineers!

  14. Sarah

    LOVE the Lumineers! It would be great to get to the show!

  15. Brian

    Pick me!

  16. Gina

    Oh yeah, this will be a great show. Pick me!

  17. Tanaya Mcclellan

    That would be sweet..

  18. LD

    Would love to see OCMS and the Lumineers this weekend…

  19. Brian Mook

    I missed the Lumineers at the XPo Fest but heard they were great! Hope I win these tickets to catch them this weekend…

  20. Mrbuckley50

    Lumineers were amazing at the fest!

  21. Carra

    Even though I was thrown from the car in the traffic jam around the park, I still missed half of the Lumineers. A full show would be great!

  22. Cathy

    They were amazing at the festival and I’d love to see them with Old Crow Medicine Show!

  23. Josh Davis

    Love the Lumineers, not a fan of the ticket prices. Would be great to see them.

  24. Ncannon90

    I love the Lumineers so much! I can’t stop listening to their album!

  25. Melissa Evans

    Pick me please!!! 😀 pleasssseeeeeee!!! ^__^

  26. Kara

    My boyfriend loves The Lumineers and this would be a great gift to give him on my very low budget.. 🙂

  27. Madelaine

    Lumineers!! I’d love to go!!

  28. Christina

    Having played the album over and over on repeat, I’ll be able to sing along (almost) every word!Plus, sadly I had to miss both of their prior performances in Philly so this would be an amazing opportunity.  “I cant be told, Ah Ah It cant be done”… Thanks for the chance!

  29. Shealey

    The Lumineers were one of the best performers at the XPN festival.

  30. melissa vance

    Missed them at XPN but they sounded great on the radio.

  31. Christempleton86

    I’d love to see this show, but too broke to pay for tix!

  32. AlaynaA

    Fingers crossed, what a lineup! 

  33. Cortneyk1

    Fingers crossed…please, oh please…fingers crossed!  😉

  34. Trish N.

    sweet!! love both these musical talents!!

  35. Emily

    Great pairing!

  36. Sandi

    When my daughter was a senior in high school, she heard “Wagon Wheel” playing while she was working in the photo lab.  She knew I loved the song and hearing it made her cry and think, “I’m going to miss my mom.” Coincidentally, four years later at her college graduation,  the a capella group sang “Wagon Wheel,” and this time,  I cried!  To this day we still love Old Crow Medicine Show, along with our new favorite band, The Lumineers. 

  37. KDimond

    That’s going to be an awesome show!

  38. Kdomingo29

    Had tixs to XPN fest but couldn’t go because I was super sick. Please let me get a 2nd chance to see the Lumineers and my other fave OCMS!!

  39. erika

    I appreciate that The Lumineers have created another popular song that allows me to IM my friend “HEY!” whenever I hear it.

  40. Sarah

    I’m poor but want to see them!

  41. Jonathan Pusey

    Would love to see OCMS.  Been diggin’ them for several years

  42. Chelsea Joy

    Help me give my boyfriend a nice gift!

  43. Shannonclune

    My husband and I would LOVE to see these guys!! We are in desperate need of a date night!

  44. Kmcclellan1993

    Please dear God, this would be the most wonderful concert to attend. Old Crow Medicine Show & The Lumineers are probably the best music thangs in the world right now.

  45. Kylie

    The Lumineers were the headline of the XPN music festival!!!! I would very much appreciate the opportunity to win these tickets.

  46. Djanastasia

    I DJ-ed at one wedding, and The Old Crow’s song was the last one I played —- everybody was ecstatic! At another wedding I played The Lumineers’ song as the couple’s exit song from the ceremony, which was an awesome moment.

  47. mattesananda

    Hey Ho Old Crow!

  48. Steve Delaney

    Would be awesome to see this live.

  49. Cspier1

    Great place to see two great bands!

  50. Mgbphotog

    The Lumineers were excellent on the Marina Stage at the XpoNential Fest. ’12!

  51. karamortellite

    The Lumineers have been on heavy rotation since their album released. I couldn’t make it to XPofest this year – but would love to have a second chance to see them in Philly. Thanks for the opportunity!

  52. Minzaris

    I missed the lumineers at xpn fest, would love the opportunity to see them!!

  53. Korinykoal

    HEY me OH my! Pleaseeee pick me guys! ; )

  54. Emily D

    XPN has the best bands of any station around! I’d love to win these tickets 🙂

  55. Hannah Kurtz

    this would be amazing!! i love xpn and the key!

  56. Emelia Reifsnyder

    I would love to see the Lumineers live, I missed them at the festival because I could only go for Sunday!

  57. Emily Givler

    OCMS and the Lumineers?  Oh random internet gods, please, please may your capricious whims choose me for these tickets!!!

  58. Emily Givler

    OCMS and the Lumineers? Oh random internet gods, please, please may your capricious whims choose me for these tickets!!!

  59. Jim Knight

    pick me,pick me

  60. Mark E

    Old Crow Medicine Show is great! I saw Lumineers at the XPN festival and they were awesome too! Milk Carton Kids are also good, kinda like Dave Rawlings. This should be a great show!

  61. erin killeen

    concert looks awesome! can not miss this

  62. Benachtabowski

    yes yes yes… this lineup is sick! 

  63. Scott

    Amazing lineup! Somebody is in for a treat.

  64. Andrew K

    Sounds like a great show.  Am I a bad Philadelphian having never been to the Electric Factory?

  65. Donna Bond

    Saw them at the WXPN festival – One of the BEST acts of the weekend – Would love the chance to see them again!

  66. Eddie

    This will be an incredible concert! Send me the tickets, I’m in town! 🙂

  67. hugh mchugh

    they were awesome at xponential cant wait to see them again 

  68. Krista Burns

    I would absolutely LOVE to see these two bands! tried my hardest to get tickets to the johnny brenda’s show, but couldn’t.. then had to work for the xpn fest. 

  69. jl

    “i was born to be a fiddler in an old time string band”

  70. MH

    OCMS rules!

  71. Paul1984

    Tix would be awesome! OCMS are great in concert!

  72. Krmurray09

    i would love to go to this show. i’m totally loving the lumineers right now!

  73. Joshua LightTree

     All I have to do is leave a comment? Sometimes, Universe, you make things incredibly easy and I love you for that. Thank you!

  74. Jess

    Pick me, pick me!! Pretty please…. my husband and I need a night out with great music soooooooooo bad!!

  75. Jen Honovic

    I would be honored to be chosen! I had to travel out of town for work and missed this year’s festival – the first one I’ve missed in 6 years since moving to Philly from New York. As an xpn member and huge fan of both bands, all I can ask is: Pick me, please??

  76. StephanieMcKay


  77. tammy hall

    I would love for you to ROCK ME MAMA…Lumineer style!

  78. Jaime32

    Please please let it be me!

  79. Sara Calcinore

    The Lumineers were spectacular at the Xponential Music Festival this year! I would love to see them again! Thanks so much for such a great weekend. The festival is always a highlight of my summer.

  80. RenMig

    Missed The Lumineers at the Fest. Adore OCMS.

  81. Mstecher85

    Pick me! I would LOVE to go! Saw them at the Xpn Festival and they were FANTASTIC!!

  82. Patty Houlihan

    Would love to see both these talented groups in one night!!!

  83. Chris Rebmann

    I really gotta get there! Havent seen them since All Good 07-08!!!

  84. Peggy

    The lumineers > studying for anatomy

  85. Sara

    Tix please!

  86. Kelsey Degnan

    Saw them at the xponential festival, but I did not know them so I couldn’t really rock out. Since then I have non stopped listened to them and am so ready to sing along extremely loud!

  87. Linda Hummel

     Love the Lumineers !  Been stuck in the house doing an on line philosophy course and I need a break before my head explodes !!!! Please choose me  : )

  88. Danielle Whren Johnson

    I want! I love all those bands. Will even drive up from Baltimore for free tickets.

  89. Bhl84

    I like stuff.

  90. Mcmcca

    I’d love to ditch my weekend plans to go to this concert!

  91. Abigail

    Yes please!  They are sold out and this was going to be the highlight of a long week 🙂

  92. Judylustig

    I was hoping to buy two tickets but all I saw were two hundred each!

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