Watch Ladies Auxiliary cover “Don’t Cry (Alt. Lyrics)” by Guns N’ Roses


Fuzzy Philly dream-pop band Ladies Auxiliary have roots that rock way harder, it seems. The band this week released a cover they recorded of Guns N’ Roses “Don’t Cry (Alt. Lyrics)” That’s the version on Use Your Illusion II, the one with the blue album art that bookends GN’R’s 1991 double-album set, not the version on the red-covered Illusion I that opens it. Got to admire that specificity. Here’s what Ladies Aux’s Colin Pate had to say:

UYI2 was probably the first album I was ever straight-up obsessed with. It meant a great deal to me when I was first listening to music I picked out myself. Sadly, it hasn’t aged that well for me, except for DC, which I think is pretty much a perfect song. We’ve never made a video before, and this seemed like the time to do one.

After wrapping up some gigs earlier this month, the band is on a brief late-summer vacation, but will return in autumn with new music and live appearances. In the meantime, you can grab a free download of “Don’t Cry (Alt. Lyrics)” on Ladies Auxiliary’s Bandcamp page.

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