Contest: Win a pair of tickets to see Lotus at FDR Park on Saturday


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Electronic jam rockers Lotus are playing one of their biggest shows to date this weekend, bringing their energetic instrumental vibes and stunning visual sensibilities to FDR Park on Saturday September 15. This week, we’ve got your chance to win a pair of tickets to the show right here at The Key. Just leave a comment below, and we’ll select a winner at random tomorrow afternoon. To get you even more pumped for the show, grab a free download of this compilation the band released – it’s some of their favorite live cuts from Spring of 2012.



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105 Responses to “Contest: Win a pair of tickets to see Lotus at FDR Park on Saturday”

  1. tim

    cant wait for this dance party!

  2. brad


  3. Griz

    Dropping comments.

  4. Lina Joniec

    This show is going to be so awesome!

  5. Mike McHale

    Oh Dank Heavens.

  6. greg feldman

    I wanna get spiritualized at this concert 🙂

  7. Maggie Nelson

    Diana Kumpf and I want to her rage her birthday properly in the city of Brotherly Love with Lotus and friends! Sure to be an epic evening followed by an equally extravagant visit to Ishkabibbles – these Jersey Girls are in dire need of a gremlin!

  8. sherman rockwell

    id really like to make both myself and a friend happy with these tickets. times are tough, money is tight and lotus just doesnt play philly as often as they used to. would love to put a big huge smile on the face of a friend come saturday and shake down to quite possibly my second or third favorite live act [behind phish and mmw] going these days. whaddaya say..

  9. Guest

    id really like to make both myself and a friend happy with these tickets. times are tough, money is tight and lotus just doesnt play philly as often as they used to. would love to put a big huge smile on the face of a friend come saturday and shake down to quite possibly my second or third favorite live act [behind phish and mmw] going these days. whaddaya say..

  10. sherman rockwell

    kinda did this ass backwards and didnt think to register beforehand but was worried if i won, that there maybe no way to contact me.. my must humble apologies.

  11. Jasen

    Yo, it’s an ĪñçRêdìBłé sight and sound. I’ll show you my smile while I’m there!

  12. Matt


  13. Melissa burke

    Dropping a comment this show would be so awesome to go too!

  14. jay

    I’m looking forward to observing some Ghost terrain myself.

  15. zmorgan

    Salutations Matthew Eshleman!

  16. Treble Klevin

    I really hope I win the tickets. Money is tight but I still might spend the dough to see this AAAWWWEEsome band live!

  17. Owen "Barnacles" Brunner

    Peeeeeople are you readddyy…. readdyy, readddy, readdddddy

  18. IAN de FLORIDA

    I’m a Rad Racer!

  19. zmorgan

    Lotus ticket chaser?

  20. Treble Klevin

    Yes, you don’t have to ask so many times

  21. jaytobin

    booo yahhhhhh

  22. Stefan

    Been to over 30 Lotus shows, I hope I can win tickets for this one!

  23. LotusFDR

    Get me to the park!

  24. Ethan

    trying to get my lotus on!!!

  25. Casey M

    I’m going and I wish to acquire these free tickets

  26. emily

    LOOOOTUSSSSSS!!! it’s been too long!! i would kill for this!

  27. StefMills

    I would love to win these tickets!!! It’s going to be an amazing show!

  28. Katie

    Would love to go to this show!!

  29. Turd Furguson

    In a world full of hotdogs, there is one hamburger to rule them all

    Rated PG13

  30. EVOOL


  31. Cinthya


  32. Kinsey Duran

    I’m hoping for a spiritualize!

  33. Donnielle Lyles

    Moonlight on my face, a lively dance, North South West and East. Dance toward the ocean waves luring me to my pacific grace. <3

  34. Cinthya :)

    LOTUS <3

  35. Kinsey Duran

    i’m hoping for spiritualize or travel!

  36. Robert F Budnick

    Im ready to rage it! i just need my ticket!

  37. Cinthya

    birthday gift come to meeee



  39. farfromsliq

    Would love to make it to the Sermon.

  40. LotusFunk

    ready to boogie

  41. Zack Teator

    Went to their show out in Colorado at Red Rocks last weekend. These tickets would be great. Gotta see my boys in my hometown but I’m currently broke after that West Coast show. Much love

  42. Kristin Eyclesheimer

    Love me some Lotus! I would LOVE to get tickets so I could go Saturday! Haven’t gotten to see them live since New Years day a couple years ago

  43. Bmapes

    These tickets would be amazing love me some lotus

  44. Hunter Thompson

    Been having the best few days with a girl i just met.. i wanna give her something amazing, like experiencong lotus ^_^

  45. Adam Davis

    Just need some tickets for my 6th time seeing lotus in Philly!

  46. Kevin Mid


  47. Marco B.

    Can’t wait for tomorrow! Would love to win a ticket. These guys were one of the first live acts I really got into. Lotus fo lyfe!

  48. Rory

    Huge Lotus Fan saw them at ALLGOOD and last years New Year’s Eve show!!! Glad their home is Philly!!!

  49. Becky

    Should be a great show!

  50. ScreamingHippy

    I get out of work at 5pm. I can be on the road by 6pm from Detroit. This show sounds amazzzzzzzzzing and I REALLY love the show poster.

  51. G

    is this real life???

  52. Kevin M.

    Send those tickets my way!!!

  53. Lotus Potus

    Might as well roll the dice. Fyeah Lotus

  54. Gasimos

    Seen these guys 105 times-doesn’t get better than Philly! Would love to make this 106!

  55. Katie Bero

    sit on my faceeeee

  56. Mike Stokes

    Just moved back to the Philly area and too broke for tickets.

  57. Josh Bob

    Been chasing you guys all over since November and can;t scrape the funds to make this show pleeeaaaase hook a brotha up!

  58. Kyle Ricketts

    i want to win this contest!

  59. lotus rage

    I hope this ethan tool only gets one entry!!!

  60. Brendan Tansey

    This show will be a great transition from Chill this past weekend, to Buffalo this upcoming. Would love to see them kill it in their hometown! Send my ass to Philly!

  61. Blair Messinger

    Only chance I got to see lotus was at Camp BiscoX last summer.. Only they played in the VIP tents.. So I was unable to watch. Which sucks cuz I FUCKING LOVE LOTUS!

  62. David Sean Ryan

    it was the first time seeing you at Festival Pier and you guys killllllllllllllllllllllled it. i would looooooooove to see you guys at FDR Park. I was planning on going but i dont have a job anymore and im broke :/

  63. Joshua Lotus Phisher

    Can’t wait to dance and rage!

  64. Lisa

    love lotus, i wanna win!!!

  65. Eric Mintzer

    Ooo this is exactly what I need and cannot afford this weekend. Fingers crossed 🙂

  66. RACHEL

    we la la la love lotus! thanks for a great catskill chill!!!!!!!!

  67. Brian Van Sicklin

    have not seen Lotus since Philly New Years last year, all my friends just moved to Colorado and caught them at Red Rocks…..As a tweet that was retweeted by Lotus. “@BVanSicklin
    The volume knob doesnt go #loudenough when listening to @LotusTweets , I feel it needs to be loud enough the #entireworld can hear”

    @BVanSicklin haha i like the way you think :)”

  68. Ian Moulton

    been awhile since i danced the night away to lotus

  69. Clark Brossy

    It’s going to be a beautiful day to see some groovy music! I would love to bring my lovely girl for her birthday which is today.

  70. ShaunMc

    Broke graduate student needs time away from reading to have some FUN!!!!!!!!!

  71. Tim Ahern

    Am I too late? Hope not. Lotus always kills it and haven’t caught Ghostland in 4 years.

  72. ROOT


  73. EAbouels

    Would be awesome to win

  74. Luna Ce

    amazing acts from start to finish!!! pleease piick mee 😛

  75. Chester Drago

    Been putting off seeing Lotus for too long, this lineup is too good to miss!

  76. FDR

    FDR= fuckin’ dance ready

  77. Andy


  78. Lauren Boring

    You guys rock my soul <3 love to see you guys again 🙂

  79. Garrett

    Comin all the way from outer space. Party time??

  80. daryn

    I need to win these tickets for my friends in Ohio!!!

  81. Steven D

    Would be sooo stoked to make the trip up to Philly from RVA for this!

  82. Scott

    I need Tickets! I haven’t seen Lotus this year!

  83. Chris Inwards

    Ich bin time! I need to see this show…

  84. Mike gwin

    I missed lotus on new years and cant miss them again!

  85. x-man

    you pet that dog! and give me da tickets.

  86. Andrew Dorian

    I would absolutely love to rage VIP for my fav band lets gooo!!!

  87. DianaKumpf

    tomorrow is my birthday and it would be the best birthday ever if you guys hooked me up with a ticket for tomorrows show! Help a girl out 🙂 Not to mention it’d be my 10th show! Gotta do it up right 🙂 Love ya dudes.

  88. CR

    anyone want to skate the park before the show?

  89. Jackie Baldassari

    Can’t wait to see these guys finally at an outdoor venue. Love love love dancing with the breeze in my hair. Can’t wait to go!!!!!

  90. James Gantz

    Cant wait to see these guys jam. First lotus show for me!!!!

  91. Graham Power

    Let’s do it! Going regardless, but free tix would make my weekend!

  92. Lindsay Taylor

    i said boom boom boom let me hear ya say wayo…wayooo

  93. Pierre Arrighi

    Ooh please pick me! Temple ’06 grad love Philly and huge Lotus fan. And it’s my birthday Sunday! Can’t afford it so this would be a dream come true.

  94. ReginaMarie Feola

    Please please please pick me!!!!

  95. The Blazin' Raison

    coming all the way from new york. lotus is my band. i CANNOT miss them in philly. never do, never will.

  96. Katie

    Would love to see Lotus <3

  97. Snake

    Lotus + Philly = <3

  98. HipHopSlop

    Lotus in FDR park…Summer ain’t over yet obviously! One Love.

  99. Juan Borja

    my friends are going, i was supposed to get tickets but some unexpected issues are taking up my finacials so if i could win these tickets i would be forever grateful! Much love!

  100. Hake Ronnie

    crush this tomorrow

  101. Jackie Baldassari

    Gorgeous day for dancing in the park. Bringing picnic basket for late lunch before the show.

  102. Hunter koppa

    I love lotus and The last time I saw them I blacked out so I don’t remember it :(. Hunter

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