Contest: Win a pair of tickets to see The Afghan Whigs at The Electric Factory tomorrow


There’s a lot of excitement this week for The Afghan Whigs‘ reunion show at The Electric Factory tomorrow, and today, we’ve got your chance to win a pair of tickets to the show! Comment below with your first and last name, and let us know what Whigs classics you’re excited to hear. We’ll contact the winner by e-mail tomorrow afternoon. To get the ideas flowing, check out this YouTube playlist of the Whigs’ official music videos!



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10 Responses to “Contest: Win a pair of tickets to see The Afghan Whigs at The Electric Factory tomorrow”

  1. Joshua

    I would enjoy a pair of tickets to the show! May I have them?

  2. Alex DeL

    My favorite Whigs song is Faded. Really dying to hear it live!

  3. Barb Sobel

    See & Don’t See, Crazy, Conjure Me & the random covers. Need these tickets. I’ve been a really good girl.

  4. Joshua Zimmerman

    My name is Joshua Zimmerman

    My favorite album by the Afghan Whigs has to be Gentleman. I don’t know if this is a good thing, but it really speaks to me. My favorite songs off the album are, Be Sweet, Gentlemen and My Curse. I’m hoping to hear My Curse, but they may not have the original vocalist that sung it attending the tour. Sorry about leaving two comments, but my iPhone was acting up.

    And yes, I would love a pair of tickets 🙂

  5. william miller

    I love the album “what jail is like” and I would get a heck of a kick to hear dark end of the street.

  6. anthony primavera

    “let us know what Whigs classics you’re excited to hear” – sadly, I don’t have tickets so I won’t be hearing anything. But If I Were Going (see what I did there – do I get bonus points for working a song title into my post naturally?), I’d MOST want to hear Fountain and Fairfax, You My Flower, Miles Iz Ded, and Gentlemen.

  7. April Hall

    I would love to hear Debonair, 66, Crazy. Seriously, Greg Dulli could sing Hanson’s catalog and it would make my week.

  8. Katie Metcalfe

    I wish they would cover Beast of Burden like in the old days during encores.

  9. Jennifer Miller

    I can’t wait to hear fountain and fairfax…

  10. Hemal Mehta

    I would fall over if they played Rebirth of the Cool! Also hoping they play Honky’s Ladder!

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