Contest: Win a pair of tickets to this weekend’s City Bisco Festival (starring Disco Biscuits, Diplo, RJD2 and more!)

Photo by Dave Vann

This weekend, the always-adventurous Disco Biscuits are taking over The Mann Center for the Performing Arts for their first City Bisco festival. As we’ve reported already, the lineup is a slammin’ mix of nimble beatmakers and instrumentalists, from hit-maker Diplo and turntablist A-Trak to local electronic mainstay RJD2 and the Biscuits themselves. You can check out the full schedule here; tickets and more information are available here.

And today, readers of The Key, you’ve got your chance to win weekend passes to City Bisco. Just comment below and let us know who you’re most excited to see on the lineup. Leave your first and last name – we’ll choose a winner tomorrow at 10 a.m. and contact them via e-mail. Get in the mood for the show by checking out The Disco Biscuits’ City Bisco Spotify playlist here.



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18 Responses to “Contest: Win a pair of tickets to this weekend’s City Bisco Festival (starring Disco Biscuits, Diplo, RJD2 and more!)”

  1. ron westenberger

    Tipper—–haven’t seen him in ten years. Last time he was in Philly (last year) my car broke down on the way to the show, in the pouring rain. So I’d really like to see Tipper, or to be specific, HEAR Tipper live again. Thanks@!!!!!

  2. ron westenberger

    Tipper, I would like to see, or to be more specific, hear TIPPER. My car broke down in the pouring rain on the way to see him last year, ten miles from the venue. So I would finally like to see Tipper! Thanks

  3. ron westenberger

    sorry thought my first post didn’t go through : )

  4. ron westenberger

    and OTT and the all seeing I band gets an honorable mention!

  5. Ryan Michlovsky

    who dont i want to see is the question ? paradiso, tipper, the Manhattan project. there all such great artists. then to throw 2 of the biggest names with diplo and atrak, thats nuts. then the biscuits playing both nights is pure nirvana. i wish i could get to this show soooo bad

  6. noah lubetsky

    I can’t wait to see the Disco Biscuits themselves! I am very curious to see how this band is going to pack out The Mann Center. This weekend should be a good one!

  7. Thomas Morabito

    I can’t wait for this weekend! I’ve been looking forward to it for a while! Super excited to day drink and listen to some good music.

  8. E.M.Swenson

    Disco Biscuits!!! Camp Bisco to City Bisco! BUTTSCRATCHAAAAA

  9. Melissa Klick

    I’m super excited to support some Philly homegrown bands on Philly turf!!! Biscuits, Brothers Past and RJ, all representing from our city. The Mann and the park over there are gorgeous, and a perfect setting for some good tunes. Thanks XPN! You rock!

  10. Pam Kim

    “Who am I most excited to see?” That is a one tough question my friends! I am most excited to see the fabulously fantastic Disco Biscuits to be honest. These DISCO dancing freaks put the gravy on my BISCUITS! My mouth is watering and my feet are starting to shuffle just thinking about my hometown heroes. I am hoping to venture into the City of Bisco this weekend w/a little help from The Key & XPN! Thank you for the chance and enjoy your Autumn fun! Pam Kim

  11. Ben

    Most excited to see Cinnamon Chasers because they have an awesome video for Luv Deluxe

  12. Daniel Fitzpatrick

    so excited to see the disco biscuits! it’s been too long 🙂

  13. Bridget Bagnell


  14. Paris Barkan

    RJD2 is killer

  15. Travis Noonan


  16. kara harris

    OTT!!! With the live band!!!!

  17. Jeremy

    Cinnamon Chasers!

  18. Alexander LaBant


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