Meet Philly rocker Shaky, download his single “Head Over Heels”


Up until a few months ago, Shaky Jake Hammill was a guitarist in Philly rock outfit Cold Fronts; this summer, however, he departed that band to focus his energies on his solo project, simply called Shaky. He dropped The Key a note this afternoon to let us know about the new single he released, a scruffy and infectious garage pop tune called “Head Over Heels.” The song moves quickly to fuzzy amp tones and an infectious rhythm, and Shaky told us “It’s filled with guitarmonies that would make Kurt Vile himself relinquish the title of Philadelphia’s hottest guitar player.” A bold claim, for certain, and you can see what you think by downloading the single for free below. In any case, we’re digging this tune.

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  • Full Doom

    Shaky Jake is a sexy creature and a righteous guitar player.

  • Full Doom

    Shaky Jake is a sexy creature and a righteous guitar player.

  • phillymusicman


  • Joe Giuffrida


  • kylevolt

    its nice to hear music isn’t dead!

  • Soland

    Eh, Not bad. Was digging CF’s though.

    • Cold Fronts

      New Cold Fronts coming in the next month. In the meantime check out Cold Graves (

      • Fanatic


      • Dwayne Richards

        As a proud gay man I have been waiting for a personal anthem. And I have found it in Cold Graves.

  • Freewheelin Franklin

    Mazel Tof Shakey J! Keep laying it down.

  • ms opal

    sounds fresh, I like!

  • Beallbert

    Hahahahahaha @ dwayne. sounds like bob dylan being raped in his urethra by a racist koala bear. and i like it…..

  • Frenchy

    if you havent caught the wave yet, prepare for a late break