Contest: Win a prize pack from Conor Oberst, including a pair of tickets to his show at The Kimmel Center on 11/18


Conor Oberst is coming to The Kimmel Center’s Verizon Hall on November 18th for a special solo show with Daniel Johnston, presented by R5 Productions.  Most notable for his role in Bright Eyes, Oberst finds his plate constantly full with solo projects and side projects including the recently re-banded Desaparecidos.  He’s spent much of the last year touring, both with that reunited post-hardcore five-piece and as a solo act, following the release of Bright Eyes’ 2011 record The People’s Key.

This week we’ve a got a prize pack from the Bright Eyes singer loaded with a pair of tickets for the Philly show show, signed vinyl, a custom screen-printed poster and more.  To enter the contest, leave a comment about your favorite Conor Oberst song.  Winners will be notified by email so make sure to include your full name and an active e-mail address (your e-mail will not be public).  Runner ups will also be chosen to win a pair of tickets for the Sunday night concert.  Tickets and information can be found here. Check out the video for “Jejune Stars” off of the latest Bright Eyes disc below.

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  • Mandi Orloski

    My favorite is I Don’t Wanna Die In A Hospital! So good.

  • Brian Ocampo

    Favourite Oberst song has to be Milk Thistle. It’ll always remind me of my road trip across Canada in 2008, where I left the day of my high school graduation instead of attending it. This song was on constant rotation.

  • justinsomething

    My favorite song from Conor Oberst’s catalogue would have to be “Poison Oak.” I don’t know how to describe the song, but every time that I listen to it there’s a huge lump in my throat when it gets to the lyric “the sound of loneliness makes me happier.” It’s one of a handful of times I’ve actually felt moved by a song.

  • Ben

    I’m going to dance to You are Your Mother’s Child for the Mother/Son dance at my wedding next year.

  • Guest

    I’m not usually one for songs that comment on government/the state of America, but “The Happiest Place on Earth” does just that and it’s beautiful both musically and lyrically. Definitely my favorite song from Mr. Oberst.

  • Matt Eyer

    I’m not usually one for songs that comment on government/the state of America, but “The Happiest Place on Earth” does just that and it’s beautiful both musically and lyrically. Definitely my favorite song from Mr. Oberst.

    (sorry for the double comment, I wasn’t logged in when I posted it the first time)

  • Ryan Hinchliffe

    My favorite song is Sausalito because it brings back memories of driving through California on my honeymoon.

  • brad

    I’d have to go with lover I don’t have to love

  • Timothy Porvaznik

    The song “You will. You? will. You? will.” goes down as my favorite song Conor Oberst recorded. Firstly, the first verse is a beautiful piece of poetry. Secondly, it is off my favorite Oberst album, “Lifted Or The Story Is In The Soil, Keep Your Ear to the Ground” .

  • Beth Meier

    My alarm clock woke me one morning with “Soul Singer in a Session Band” playing on XPN. I sobbed for a while at the depth of the lyrics, then I was late to work because I had to find that song and buy the mp3, along with most of the Bright Eyes catalog.

  • Daniel Barron

    Something, I don’t exactly know what it is, just gets me every time I hear “Light Pollution”.

  • Donald Deeley

    My favorites are two tribute album contributions he did: a cover of Daniel Jonston’s “Devil Town” and the weird interview/collage track “Have You Ever Heard of Jandek?”

  • Phil Gehman

    Cabbage Town!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Laura Boyce

    It’s so tough to pick just one favorite, but “We Are Nowhere and It’s Now” is among the top few. I think it epitomizes the combination of loneliness and hopefulness that drew me as an angsty college student to Bright Eyes’ music. I still remember listening to the entire album over and over again during the summer of 2006 and teaching myself guitar to those songs. I love the simple lyrics of “We Are Nowhere…”, the haunting melody, and–of course–the harmonies courtesy of Emmylou Harris. When it comes to sad singers with broken voices, Conor Oberst is my favorite, and this song showcases that better than any other.

  • Scotty

    To be honest I, personally, am going for Daniel Johnston but my wife loves Bright Eyes so I’m going for her just as much as I’m going for myself and my chance to finally see the genius that is Daniel Johnston live!

  • Chas

    “at the bottom of everything” is one of those songs I am unable to turn. Though there are many more songs that have sounds I much prefer…it’s really the story that sucks me in. There is a such a beautiful truth in this song with regards to life and death. It’s almost comforting. Maybe it’s just me though.

  • JPiecuch

    The Version of Lua on the most recent Live @ World Cafe Vol 34 opens with a hauntingly beautiful trumpet. I doubt I will ever grow tired of that sound or the song!

  • GG

    I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning is one of my favorite albums ever. “First Day of My Life” is probably my fave. It’s a beaut!