Listen to WXPNGRRR! 50 Rolling Stones deep tracks, curated by you


Today the The Rolling Stones release GRRR! a 50-song compilation celebrating the band’s 50th anniversary. Over the last several weeks we asked you to suggest some of your favorite Rolling Stones deep tracks to help us curate WXPNGRRR!. And you responded with a wide assortment of songs – strong representation from Exile On Main Street, of course, and Sticky Fingers, but also some choice moments from Between the Buttons and Goat’s Head Soup, a jump into the 80s from Tattoo You, and much more. You can listen to WXPNGRRR! in the Spotify player at your left (and find out more about the official GRRR! here). Thanks to the hundreds of you who made suggestions to help us curate this collection!



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5 Responses to “Listen to WXPNGRRR! 50 Rolling Stones deep tracks, curated by you”

  1. Cmgizzi

    I’m pretty disappointed “Sweet Virginia” isn’t on here…prob one of the best feel good tunes ever written

  2. Doug Dombrowski

    Great list – I’m sorry that I never sent in my selections. Just wish that I could print the list.

  3. Mike Emley

    Not deep enough, no tracks from one of the best new age Stone’s – Voodoo Lounge.

    All good tracks but pretty obvious.

  4. Joni

    I can’t believe Dead Flowers didn’t make the list

  5. Stones101

    Lots missing. “Something Happened to Me Yesterday,” “Blue Turns to Grey,” “Soul Survivor,” “Mean Disposition,” “Hey, Negrita,” “Lies,” “Winter,” “Can You Hear the Music,” “Short & Curlies,” “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg,” “Little Baby,” “Gotta Get Away,” “You Better Move On,” “All Sold Out,” “In Another Land,” “Dear Doctor,” “Monkey Man,” “All Down the Line,” “Dirty Work,” “Silver Train,” “Break the Spell,” “Terrifying,” “Goin’ Home,” “Too Tough,” “Sparks Will Fly,” “Gunface,” “Biggest Mistake,” “Luxury,” “Fight,” “Too Much Blood,” “Some Girls,” “Summer Romance,” “Let Me Go.”

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