My Morning Download: “Beggars Guild” by Roadkill Ghost Choir


If you’re following trends in music these days, it’s easy to get excited by the latest indie-rock or electronica or what’s hot on the music blogs. Over the last several years the most exciting trend in music has been the revitalization of rootsy/singer-songwriter/acousticana music. Underneath the success of bands like Mumford & Sons, The Lumineers, The Avett Brothers and The Civil Wars lurk lesser known, yet as exciting bands like David Wax Museum, He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister, Field Report, Lindi Ortega, Angel Olsen, The Last Bison and more. One more name I’ll add to this list is the Florida based Roadkill Ghost Choir. The band came out of the Orlando music scene just a couple of years ago. Get past the name, and you’ll be exposed to a fantastic collection of songs that pay respect to folk-rock tradition yet transcend them. They recently released their Quiet Light EP. The six piece is fronted by Andrew Shepard, whose voice sounds a tad like Jim James of My Morning Jacket, but the resemblance to MMJ stops there. Musically, Ghost Choir have staked out their own singular claim on the roots music landscape. The songwriting is accomplished and the playing is excellent. There are times when the band dips into musical flourishes that bring to mind The Band and American Beauty-era Grateful Dead, yet they are also capable of entering symphonic Arcade Fire-like territory and driving, beautifully surging Southern rock on songs like “Drifter.” Below, purchase the EP or download the song “Beggars Guild” for free.



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