My Morning Download: “Spotlight” by Leagues


Photo by Heidi Ross
The Nashville roots rock band Leagues is singer Thad Cockrell, drummer Jeremy Lutito and guitarist Tyler Burkum. The band releases its debut album, You Belong Here, on January 29th. All three band members have strong musical ties to the Nashville singer-songwriter community and are well respected for their work. Cockrell has an excellent solo career, Lutito has drummed with Jars of Clay and various other bands, and Burkum played guitar with Wild Sweet Orange before they broke up and currently plays guitar Mat Kearney. There’s a lot of rock and roll packed in to their tight little three piece. Below, watch the video for “Spotlight,” and download the song.



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4 Responses to “My Morning Download: “Spotlight” by Leagues”

  1. Adam Collins

    Is the download not working?

  2. Courtney LaCorte

    I can’t get the download to work either.

  3. John Vettese

    Apparently the download limit was reached pretty quickly. You guys and gals must have really liked this song!

  4. kstewart

    ok…. so where else can i find this song so I can download it?

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