My Morning Download: “Someplace” by Photo Ops


photo by Kathleen Amano
Photo Ops is the melodic, contemplative pop project of Nashville based singer-songwriter Terry Price. His new album, How To Say Goodbye, is being released on February 6th. The album draws on Price’s personal tragedies of having his schizophrenic father pass away at the young age of 55, and Price’s own affliction with Bell’s Palsy, that, through acupuncture and medical care he’s mostly recovered from. Such weighty topics are contextualized in a record that draws on some his musical influences. Price says the goal in making his new record was to “sonically fuse” three albums; Paul Simon’s 1972 debut album, Dion’s Born to Be With You (produced by Phil Spector) and The Radio Dept.’s Clinging to a Scheme. The album succeeds on many accounts. The songs are incredibly well crafted, highly melodic, super charged with blissful hooks and layers of dreamy guitars and keyboards. Go here to download “Someplace.”



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