The Key Studio Sessions: The Naked Sun


Last summer, South Jersey five-piece The Naked Sun stormed the World Cafe Live stage with a rousing set of rambling rock and roll tunes at the Beta Hi-Fi Competition. Seriously; I had their song “Holdin’ Back The Heart” stuck in my head for days. Since then, the band has played a bit more to the subdued side of the musical spectrum – the show and BITBY video at the Fleisher Art Memorial is breathtaking but kinda tragically quiet – so I was quite happy when drummer Dave Gladney informed me they would be in full rock mode for the Key Studio Session they recorded last weekend. A trumpet player and saxophonist backed up the group, adding to their richly-arranged new songs. The set drew mostly from the EP they plan to release this spring: an appearance with The Lawsuits at The Field House (yep, the bar in Center City near Market East Station – they started booking shows this winter) slated for April 12th. Let the simmering build of “Debby Diest” carry you into the session.



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