Contest: Win tickets to see Pissed Jeans at Underground Arts next Friday


We’re all kinds of excited for the release of Pissed Jeans‘ new LP Honeys. It’s a brutal and unrelentingly heavy collection of thrash, punk and social commentary, but its also the band’s most diverse and (dare I say) approachable output. Key contributor Elliott Sharp wrote a great cover story on the band in this week’s Philadelphia City Paper – if you haven’t read it yet, do so here. The album is out on Tuesday, we’ll feature them in a Key Studio Session (words cannot describe how psyched I am for this) on Wednesday, and on Friday, they celebrate the release of the album with a headlining show at Underground Arts.

As a huge week is about to begin for the band, we’ve got a contest for you. To win a pair of tickets to see Pissed Jeans at Underground Arts on Friday, February 15th, with openers Lantern and Leather (great acts both), simply leave your favorite Pissed Jeans lyric in the comments. We’ll pick a winner at random next Thursday at noon. Ground rules: you have to 21 or over, you have to leave your first and last name in the comments, and you have to enter an email where we can contact you if you win (the e-mail will not be made public).

Make sense? Cool. I’ll get things started: “The jogger, area rug / The jogger, fantasy football / Soy milk, the jogger / Button down collar.” There you go. What’s your favorite Pissed Jeans lyric? Comment to win.



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13 Responses to “Contest: Win tickets to see Pissed Jeans at Underground Arts next Friday”

  1. Mike Hughes

    His parents share the same bed / Sleep right next to his / There’s a dog at his feet, all night/ That never has to whiz

  2. John

    “run your hand across my hair and you might catch a flake, Please keep me out of the kitchen, I burn all that I bake”

  3. Alexander LaBant

    “I could show up with the coldest six pack, but I don’t bother”

  4. Brendan Cunningham

    I could put on a tight black shirt, but I don’t bother / I could hit the gym so it looks real nice, but I don’t bother.

  5. Kyle Leach

    “Hey man, I don’t think about that stuff”

  6. Justin Glowacki

    “I hope I’m not too much for boring girls” is the winner, maybe.

    Runner-up: “I could go on and start a conga line but I don’t bother.”

    We all win, really.

  7. Jib Jab

    great band. but the lyrics suck…

  8. Josh Ausfahl

    Little Sorrel –
    That horse gonna make you cry
    Little Sorrell, Little Sorrell
    How could they try to keep you in
    No one to get away from him
    Kinda brings a tear to my eye
    He won a medal, but never got to die
    That horse hit me in my stomach
    Little Sorrell, Little Sorrell
    That horse ain’t got four to walk on
    Little Sorrell, Little Sorrell
    That horse never got to bleed, that horse you wouldn’t believe
    That horse – that horse – that horse

  9. Kevin Block Captain


  10. Kevin Sullivan

    “I drank a cold glass of water, but it didn’t satisfy.”

    or the obvious

    “I’m always so full of cum it makes my brain get real numb…yeah, I’m ashamed of my cum, never satisfied even after I’m done.”

  11. Larry Ragone

    I’ve got boogies

  12. MJM

    There’s some cigarette butts in the street
    But the wind came and blew them all away
    There’s a couple of ladies in the nail salon
    I don’t think they have anything to say

  13. John Vettese

    Congrats to giveaway winner Larry Ragone! Tickets for tonight’s show are still available here:

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