Listen to two new songs from Attia Taylor’s Luxurious Corners (playing the First Unitarian Chapel tomorrow)


Oh hi there, Attia Taylor! Great to see you again. So excited to find out you’ll be returning home to Philly for a show this weekend – we’ve missed you since your move to Brooklyn last year. We’re also stoked for the new music you’ve come bearing – when word got out that Megan Cauley and Michael McDermott of  Gemini Wolf were producing Luxurious Corners to release on their earSnake label, it seemed like the perfect match of sonic adventureurs. These two new tracks are the most sophisticated things you’ve written yet – “Knife” with its alluring, surreal, unexpectedly violent wordplay, “BTC” with its unapologetic sensuality. And working with Gemini Wolf pushed your work into the realm of glimmering, polished production, a psych-electropop side we always knew you had, but that previously was a bit constrained by your lo-fi, record-at-home, DIY methods. Which, don’t get me wrong, was totally great and charming and digable. But this is some next-level stuff. Well done. Attia Taylor plays with Hilly Eye and Kate Ferencz on Saturday, February 9th at the First Unitarian Church Side Chapel. Tickets and information for the all-ages show can be found here.



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