Tonight’s Concert Picks: Ken Stringfellow at North Star, Bridge and Tunnel at The Fire, Tayyib Ali at Chameleon Club

Photo Credit: Eva Vermandel
Photo Credit: Eva Vermandel

Ken Stringfellow has nothing to prove. He’s made plenty of successful records– he is on three Big Star albums, six REM albums and twelve of The Posies’ albums. He has worked with dozens of other artists and somehow also made time for a solo career. His most recent release is a solo album, his fourth, called Danzig in the Moonlight. The album is eclectic, which is hardly surprising from an artist with an array of experience such as Stringfellow’s. The diversity of genres, though, may surprise someone who is not familiar with Stringfellow’s diverse projects and interests. He is currently touring with the album and will be at North Star Bar tonight. Tickets and information for the 21+ show are available here. Below, watch Stringfellow’s music video for “Superwise” from Danzig in the Moonlight.

NY-based Bridge and Tunnel are bringing fire to The Fire tonight.  The group is known for their post-hardcore punk rock.  Facebook pictures from their live shows depict the band and audience members sweating and screaming alike.  They released an album in 2011, Rebuilding Year.  It seems they’ve had a literal rebuilding year in the intervening time, but this month finds them on tour once again.  Tickets and information for the 21+ show are available here.  Below, watch Bridge and Tunnel’s music video for “Hands.”

Tayyib Ali knows where he’s from. It may be that he hasn’t risen to national fame yet, or it may be an issue of pride, but Tayyib Ali is from Philadelphia and he wants everyone to know. The 20-year-old has a depiction of a LOVE stature on tattooed over his heart. Between Keystone State of Mind 2 teased as “coming soon,” and a month-long national tour underway, though, it seems national fame is within the young rapper’s grasp. Tonight his tour brings him to Lancaster to play the Chameleon Club. Tickets and information for the all ages show with Mod Sun and Cisco Adler are available here. Below, watch Ali’s Philly-centric music video for “Keystone State of Mind.”



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