Listen to Waxahatchee’s Cerulean Salt via NPR Music First Listen (playing Golden Tea House on 3/1)


waxahatcheeCerulean Salt is the second album from Katie Crutchfield’s Waxahatchee, and the first to take her songwriting out of the solo-guitar realm since the days of her DIY punk band P.S. Eliot. The album, due out March 5 on Don Giovanni Records, premiered this week in NPR Music’s First LIsten series, which said Crutchfield “addresses teenage flux with seasoned songcraft.” NPR’s Otis Hart writes how the album unshyly addresses the lows of young adulthood: “loneliness, fickle feelings, anxiety, self-doubt.”

We all encounter these emotions at various points in our lives, but most of us tend to quarantine them, lest anyone realizes how truly messed-up we feel inside. Crutchfield — or, more accurately, her songwriting — thrives on those periods of fragility. Her characters are almost always ambivalent, sophisticated adolescents wrestling with an uneasy mix of emotions. Happiness is a moment’s peace; love a two-state solution.

The Alabama native, currently living in Philadelphia with her twin sister Allison of the band Swearin‘, is about to head down to South By Southwest in support of Cerulean Salt, and plays a tour kickoff / album release show at West Philadelphia’s Golden Tea House on Friday, March 1. Go deep and listen to the album here.



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