Download a new Free Energy song, read a book review by singer Paul Sprangers


Photo by John Vettese
Photo by John Vettese
Life-affirming Philly popsters Free Energy contributed a new song to the soundtrack of Crap Kingdom, a new young adult novel by comedian DC Pierson. The book tells the story of a teenager who, per the Crap Kingdom website, “learns he’s the Chosen One in a magical kingdom, and then learns that the magical kingdom he’s the Chosen One in… SUCKS.” Free Energy singer Paul Sprangers wrote a review of the book for Stereogum, and he says that not only is it a lively read, it’s a covert slam on consumerism in 21st century America.

This story is wonderfully entertaining and written at a level appropriate for young readers, however there is a darkness in the content that will the sting the hearts of older, more cynical readers who might realize that they’ve inadvertently sacrificed their personal dreams and fantasies for the crude, fleeting satisfactions of the material world.

Read Sprangers’ entire book review, and download the song “Get Ready” at Stereogum.



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