Watch Bridge Underwater perform “Dead Man” for Bands in the Backyard


Bridge Underwater

Philadelphia indie rock duo Bridge Underwater was featured on this month’s edition of Bands in the Backyard, which premiered last week. They preformed the title track off their latest EP Dead Man; check out the video below.



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3 Responses to “Watch Bridge Underwater perform “Dead Man” for Bands in the Backyard”

  1. Nathan

    LOL…BITBY is still around. They’re like an Onion story that the Philly music scene believed last year. Kyle Costill is a cokehead clown who shouldn’t be allowed to interview his dog. BTW: Oaklyn, NJ is NOT Philly!

  2. Greg

    HAHA – TOTALLY TRUE! The only thing lamer than their videos and taste in music is listening to Kyle hype whatever crackhead idea is stuck in his head at the time. Get that douchebag to rehab because his ass is delusional!

  3. Old Abe

    Kyle is actually a real nice guy and he does alot for local musicians despite his wacky antics.

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