My Morning Download: “Toujours” by Sabina Sciubba


None of them were from Brazil and only one member in the world influenced electronica dance music group Brazilian Girls was female. The lead singer of the band, Sabina Sciubba, is going to release her solo debut album soon; it features the song “Toujours” that you can download below and and watch the video for. Ms. Sciubba was born in Rome, is half German and half Italian, and was living in New York when the Brazilian Girls began in the early 2000’s. The band released three albums starting with its debut in 2005 and broke up in 2011. She currently lives in Paris. There’s no mistaking Sciubba’s voice on this excellent new song; it’s got a new-wavey Bossa beat, staccato bursts of intertwined Farfisa organ and surf guitars and an infectious hook.



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  1. Joseph Ramirez

    Thank You for posting and allowing me to download Sabina Sciubba’s song “Toujours” !
    Love this song, heard it on Kcrw (Public Radio) Los Angeles, and was so dissapointed when I couldn’t find on iTunes or Amazon. It reminds of the NewWave sounds from the 1980’s. Hope the rest of her upcoming album lives up to this single.
    Long Beach, California

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