Watch My Basement is a Sh*thole, a student-produced documentary on Philadelphia’s DIY scene


Photo by Teresa Salinas
Photo by Teresa Salinas
Students at Temple University produced a short documentary on Philadelphia’s basement show and DIY scene, examining the culture’s trajectory from the seventies (mentioning when WXPN had a hand in hosting punk shows) to today.  The film was created by Evan Lescallette, Luke Proctor, Ayanda Sithole, and Tina Lam for their Genres in Media Studies class and features interviews with Joe Reinhart (Algernon Cadwallader / Headroom Studios), John Redden (The Barbary) and Mark Walsh (Secret Plot to Destroy the Entire Universe / IHOP / Double Deuce) as well as live set clips of Rasputin’s Secret Police, Pill Friends, Bleeding Fractals (pictured above) and more.  Check out the documentary below and visit DIYPHL for a comprehensive list of house / DIY shows in the Philadelphia area.



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6 Responses to “Watch My Basement is a Sh*thole, a student-produced documentary on Philadelphia’s DIY scene”

  1. Nathan

    “When WXPN had a hand in hosting punk shows”? LOL…that’s total BULLSHIT! When did that happen? This documentary is like this blog – amateurish. No wonder you posted it. Give the real credit to WKDU & WPRB – WXPN posers!

  2. keba

    anybody know if fullhouse gallery is still alive by the way? i went there once to see diane cluck and they said it was their last show…but i’m starting to think they were joking.

  3. John Vettese

    Hiya, Nathan! If you look at this gallery from our week-long profile of old-school Philly punk band Informed Sources from a few months back, you’ll notice a flyer (and photos) from punk shows that XPN co-presented in its formative days in the 1980s:
    The compilation / retrospective we were profiling, Fun Under the Sun (which is freaking great by the way), features rare archived audio of the band on the air on XPN with the legendary DJ Lee Paris – who I’m pretty sure you’re old enough to remember. (Admittedly I am not.) It also has audio of them on the air on 91.7 and 103.3. I love KDU, I love PRB. What’s your damage, dude?

  4. Bruce Warren

    WKDU and WPRB are great stations. Nothing but respect for them.

  5. Evan

    Sorry for that. It was meant to say WKDU, it was an error. An annotation was added into the video to correct the misinformation.

  6. Julie Button

    Yah, it was MADE by amateurs, Nathan. Can you do better?? So proud of you, Evan!

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