Unlocked: Bad Braids’ Megan Biscieglia’s “Songs I Love at the Moment”


Bad Braids’ Megan Biscieglia / Photo by Elizabeth Lennox
Bad Braids’ Megan Biscieglia / Photo by Elizabeth Lennox
Bad Braids’ Megan Biscieglia has musical tastes that range from 70’s Britfolk, Indonesian and Tamasheq crooners to Black Sabbath and The Everly Brothers. Today, she made a special playlist for The Key, admitting, “I get a little obsessed with songs and will listen to them over and over and over until I can’t listen to them anymore. These are some of the songs that at the moment, are on that constant stream.” Check out her complete video playlist here, as well as her lovely anecdotes about the music. Bad Braids play the Rigby Mansion tomorrow to celebrate the May 1 release of Supreme Parallel and the kick-off to her European tour.

Trees – “Murdoch”
Megan Boscoeglia (MB): This song is beautiful and a little bit scary. I have an urge to fill this playlist with only Trees, Fairport Convention, and The Incredible String Band, but I will refrain from doing so.

Dara Puspita – “To Love Somebody (Bee Gees cover)”
MB: This is a 60’s girl group from Indonesia who played their own instruments  I found this on a blog once and fell in love with it. Their other song “Lonely Street” is also one of my favorites.

Black Sabbath – “Wizard”
MB: If you put this song on [every] morning, first thing when you wake up, it is guaranteed you will grow a little more badass as each day passes.

TwinSisterMoon – “Spells”
MB: I accidentally downloaded this while trying to download something else. I’ve found a lot of really great music that way. I thought while listening that it was for sure from the 60’s, but it is current and they live in France. This song kind of kills me.

Patti Smith – “Lands”
MB: Patti Smith is intense. I have always liked her music, but never really got into it until I read her book a few years ago.

Terakaft – “Tenere Wer Tat Zincheg”
MB: I like cooking to this song and dancing to it with my cat.

The Incredible String Band – “Banks of Sweet Italy”
MB: I was introduced to this song while driving up to New Hampshire last summer.  The [Black Magic Family Band] and I had been asked to play one show, so we made the trek. We were in my mom’s car which only had bad 90’s country in it. For some reason, none of us thought to bring music for this six hour drive. We had three CDs and The Incredible String band’s Earthspan was one of them. We kept putting this song on repeat, we must have listened to it 20 times. We learned it when we got home.

King Crimson – “Moon Child”
MB: In the Court of the Crimson King is one of my top five favorite records. I could happily listen to this song on repeat for the rest of my life.

Weyes Blood – “Candy Boy”
MB: I met Natalie from Weyes Blood while touring in California. We ended up playing some shows together and hanging out all over the West Coast.  She lived in Philadelphia for a while and is one of my favorite musicians.  She now resides in [New York City].  This song makes my body feel realllyyy weird.  When I saw the video it made sense she was in the ocean.  I want to be there when I am listening to it on a really windy and cold day.

The Everly Brothers – “Down in The Willow Garden”
MB: I had to include this song. It’s one of my favorites to sing and I covered it on my first record with Mike Bruno. I am such a sucker for harmonies, and no one does it better.



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