The 6 best Todd Rundgren albums you need to own (playing The Trocadero tomorrow night)


ToddRundgrenA Todd Rundgren plays The Trocadero tomorrow night, Saturday, May 11. On our last count, since 1970 when he launched his solo career, Rundgren has released 23 albums, including his new record State. That said, while Todd’s solo recording output has been prolific (including his pre solo work with Nazz as well as the band Utopia), I think Rundgren purists (counting myself as one), would agree that the work from his debut, Runt, through the early Eighties, is the best of his oeuvre. With that, here’s the six best Todd Rundgren records for you to consider. We begin the top six albums with #6 here.



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3 Responses to “The 6 best Todd Rundgren albums you need to own (playing The Trocadero tomorrow night)”

  1. Gary

    Great article, esp. w/ the link to Patti’s review, but the Top 6 list is just 6 of his 1st 8 solo albums, back when we got at least 1 every year for 15 straight.
    I guess Faithful (’76) was skipped because only side 2 were originals ,but w/ the way he somehow crammed extra minutes onto vinyl, the 6 originals, beginning w/ Black & White & Love of the Common Man, up there w/ his all time best songs,
    that 1 side has more than an album’s worth of originals.

    The other skipped album, Initiation (’74) started w/ Real Man & lasted an hour w/ side 2 all instrumental, but maybe his most powerful album of all.

    Not sure why the” purists” abandoned him in the early 80’s, but they missed, for 20 more years & counting, some of his best work. Liars (’04) certainly deserves a spot on any all-time Todd list. Maybe it should’ve been a Top 23.
    Let’s not mention the 11 Utopia albums, which were just Todd songs, but w/ a band instead him of doing everything, like most of all the solo albums.
    Where would England Dan be today w/o the Utopia song, Love is the Answer?
    Can’t wait to hear State, top to bottom @ the Troc tonite!

  2. truth

    RA, Todd, Healing always:-)), Love dont lay heavy on me chest, 2nd wind, liar—–all<, Todd in Amsterdam Paradiso! Lifelong Material:) God what kind of state im in:-))!

  3. LINO

    Todd,Oops!Wrong planet,Ra,Hermit of Mink Hollow,A cappella,Healing

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