Hear the latest Indie Rock Hit Parade!

The Chromatics

Why, you may ask, do we call this show the Indie Rock Hit Parade when the word ‘rock’ only describes part of the music played? Sure, calling it the ‘Indie Rock-Folk-Dance-Punk-Baroque-Noise Hit Parade’ might be more accurate (especially considering the most recent episode’s playlist), but that name is a bit much and doesn’t even lend itself to a cool acronym.

Anyway, the latest Indie Rock Hit Parade featured a wide spectrum of sounds, from LA skate-punks FILDAR to the neo-no wave of the UK’s Savages. Acoustic-based contributions from Little Green Cars and Stornoway contrasted more abrasive outbursts from Clinic and Prince Rama. Below, stream a playlist of tracks from the show!

The Indie Rock Hit Parade will be taking the week off (to make room for the NonCOMMvention live broadcasts), but returns on Friday, March 24th with an all-new, two-hour episode. Below are a few of the things you might hear on that upcoming show…



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