Get your prog-rock on: “Yestival” to make only U.S. appearance at Susquehanna Bank Center on 8/3


Yes logo Progrockers Yes– Steve Howe, Chris Squire, Alan White, Geoff Downes & Jon Davison – bring their 2013 festival to the Susquehanna Bank Center on August 3rd.  The progressive rock legends will play Yes favorites and two classic Yes albums in their entirety including Close to the Edge  and The Yes Album. Also on the bill: the greatest Genesis tribute band ever – The Musical Box, (performing the classic Genesis album, Foxtrot), Carl Palmer’s ELP Legacy and Rennaissance with Annie Haslam. There will also be a rare appearance by Roger Dean, the Yes album cover artist presenting “The Art of Roger Dean.” Tickets go on sale Friday, June 7th at 10 a.m.  More information will be available here. Below, listen to a 1973 recording of “Starship Trooper” from The Yes Album followed by a 1972 performance of the title track from Close to the Edge.



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12 Responses to “Get your prog-rock on: “Yestival” to make only U.S. appearance at Susquehanna Bank Center on 8/3”

  1. obi

    Alas…it isn’t 1972. Here’s what they look and sound like now.

  2. Bruce Warren

    Yeah…..and no Jon Anderson!

  3. Keith K.

    Exactly…what’s the point then??

  4. ProgDave

    does this mean they are not playing going for the one as they are the rest of the summer tour? who is the producer for this? why isn’t Musical Box playing the Lamb?

  5. ProgDave

    how about now, a Special announcement from Jon A- Re-Union Tour starts?

  6. rechill

    Chris Squires??? Jon Davison??? WTF, Julie. Do some GD research.

  7. Auximenies

    Wow, what a bunch of classy fans! If not the same old bitching about the lineup or the fact that the band is no longer in their prime (duh), or how a given band is not playing your preferred material, we can also add cursing at the author because of the mistakes…

  8. John Benson

    I’ve seen box do lamb, twice already… Foxtrot is a small LP, so I’m sure that’s why they picked that. As for YES, they are a touring act. They have working lineup, stop bitching about Jon.. He’s not coming back, not in the immediate future anyway. Should be a good time, lower your expectations!

  9. Vincent Miele

    Because they are master musicians.

  10. Dave

    No need to have lower expectations. I haven’t missed a local (relative) show in over 30 years. I had to be dragged to go last couple years without Jon. It was different, it wasn’t better nor worse, it was different.
    My take on the last couple years? Both replacement singers were/are FAR BETTER than Trevor Horn could have ever dreamed of being. Yet we all went back then …. Wakeman’s son was AWFUL on keyboards. Literally a corpse could have been more animated and made less mistakes.
    Yes is a band with very unique music – lose the bitching, go and enjoy.

  11. Dave

    I got to see Jon last year.. maybe 2 years ago locally at a really small club. He is one of the nicest people on the planet and doesn’t deserve what is happening to him. Problem is that he cannot physically perform for a whole night with Yes, let alone a whole tour. He is still as engaging as ever. Its not his fault, nor the rest of the bands that he cannot sing. Its called age.

  12. ginaa

    At hitting 50 this month, I thought musical box was awesome! What a pleasure to see some of the same theatrics Peter Gabriel did! My husband Pete said ther was a moment I was so overwhelmed and intensly into the music it brought tears to his eyes. Best 50th b-day present ever! Yes was awesome as well. Great venue for a show! GMA

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