Contest: Win a pair of tickets to see Patty Griffin at The Kimmel Center on June 6th


PattyGrammy-winning and critically revered American folk performer Patty Griffin makes a Philadelphia appearance next month, headlining Verizon Hall at The Kimmel Center. Griffin is on tour in support of her seventh record, American Kid, released this month on New West Records, and this week we’re giving away a pair of tickets to the show on Wednesday the 6th of June. Just leave a comment below with your favorite Patty Griffin song and we’ll announce a winner next Thursday afternoon the 30th.

Ground rules: you have to leave your first and last name in the comments, and you have to enter an email where we can contact you if you win (the e-mail will not be made public). Below, watch Griffin performing “Wild Old Dog” at The Living Room in New York last month.




17 Responses to “Contest: Win a pair of tickets to see Patty Griffin at The Kimmel Center on June 6th”

  1. kevin mason


  2. Brittany Tranbaugh

    don’t let me die in florida

  3. lisa van dyk

    long ride home

  4. BA

    Hard to pick, but I’ll say “No Bad News”!

    Bettyann Raupp

  5. Marc Laufgraben


  6. DBernd

    Damon Bernd
    One Big Love

  7. Don Beck

    Making Pies

  8. Paul Allen K

    “I smell a rat” which will be the headline of my letter to my attorney if I don’t win these tickets.

  9. Kim Seiden

    Every Little Bit

  10. rita lynam

    Favorite song is Long Ride Home.I listened to it over and over again the day my dad passed away and it’s made me be nicer to my husband. Thanks Patti. Rita Lynam,

  11. Marc Daniels

    Useless Desires…a brilliant Patty song, like so many.

  12. Alison Leedy

    “Forgiveness” on Living with Ghosts

    best played under open skies or windows down…

  13. Anna Pratt


  14. kaith

    Kait Huder … would love to see Patty!!

  15. kaith

    and patty singing heavenly day is without question a favorite, but long ride home gets me !!!

  16. Mary Martin

    “Makin’ Pies” hands-down! Sometimes your mind just needs to go there…

    Mary Martin

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