My Morning Download: “Wartime Lovers” by Rose Windows


Photo Credit: Alison Scarpulla
Photo Credit: Alison Scarpulla
Seattle’s Rose Windows are a little bit prog-rock, a little bit metal, a little bit stoner-rock, and a little bit psychedelic freak-folk. This curious mix of genres may not sound so appealing on paper, but coming out of your speakers it’s a blend of styles and sound that might confound you with pleasure. Rose Windows new album, The Sun Dogs, (Sub Pop Records, out on June 25) is overblown, ornate, heavy, contemplative and retro. It’s so out of sync with so much other music being made these days, yet sounds so fresh because it is performed and produced so exquisitely. Even with lyrics that borderline at times on Spinal Tap “Stonehenge” absurdism, it’s all held together by the septet’s lead singer Rabia Shaheen Qazi’s vocals, and a level of musicianship that excels throughout the album. File under: Heavy metal ceremonial folk.



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