Stream Bosnian Rainbows’ new LP on First Listen (playing Underground Arts on 7/13)

Bosnian Rainbows at the First Unitarian Church | Photo by Chris Sikich
Bosnian Rainbows at the First Unitarian Church | Photo by Chris Sikich

With the new collaboration between Omar Rodriguez Lopez and Teri Gender Bender on the cusp of releasing its debut self-titled full-length, NPR Music has picked up Bosnian Rainbows for a First Listen feature this week.  The album is heavy, enigmatic and, at times, terrifying with Lopez’s rich and twisting guitar playing swerving around Gender Bender’s incredibly powerful vocal performance.  From NPR:

Every song on Bosnian Rainbows is catchy and anthemic, with frequent nods to the ’80s work of Simple Minds and Bowie. Lopez, who can get too tangled in his own head, here finds a way to package his ideas in a succinct and digestible way. Songs like the bouncy “Torn Maps” and the wistful “Turtlenecks” are easy to enjoy, but not too reduced — they’re full of rich narratives, unusual musical progressions and cryptic, Tori Amos-esque lyrics to keep listeners feeling both included and intrigued.

Bosnian Rainbows will release the LP via Sargent House on June 25th and will play Underground Arts on July 13th.  Tickets and information for the 21+ show can be found here.  Stream Bosnian Rainbows in its entirety here and watch a video of the band performing “Morning Sickness” from their March show at the First Unitarian Church below.



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