Philly bassist Phil D’Agostino releases new track “Footballs”


Local bassist Phil D’Agostino – who’s played with a wide variety of Philly acts such as Chris Kasper, Scot Sax, and Ben Arnold to name a few – has just released a new solo track, “Footballs”, from his forthcoming 2013 release Inlets. The delightfully upbeat instrumental is referred to at one point (via a shot of the song’s sheet music in the below video) as “Latiny Type Jawn in D.” Oddly enough, that description seems pretty accurate. The jazzy tune certainly does have a “Latiny” sense about it, yet also occasionally features smooth guitar work more reminiscent of Grant Green or Kenny Burrell. Take a listen below, and decide for yourself.



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2 Responses to “Philly bassist Phil D’Agostino releases new track “Footballs””

  1. Aunt Sandy

    I am the pianist. ,Bethany’s, aunt. Is’n she great!

  2. Howard Pitkow

    Nice! Very nice!! Congratulations Phil & Co.

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