Win tickets to see Laura Jane Grace make her solo Philly debut at MilkBoy on 8/10


laura jane graceLast May, Tom Gabel of punk rock band Against Me! came out publicly as transgender as has gone by Laura Jane Grace ever since.  This summer she is going on her first solo tour, which includes a stop at Milkboy on August 10th.  The show goes on sale next Friday, July 12th, but you can win tickets before they’re available by leaving a comment below.  Ground rules: you have to leave your first and last name in the comments, and you have to enter an email where we can contact you if you win (the e-mail will not be made public).

Against Me!’s most recent studio album was 2010’s White Crosses, but the band is currently making a concept album called Transgender Dysphoria Blues.  Below, you can watch Against Me! perform The Replacements classic “Androgynous” with Joan Jett, and watch Grace play “Walking Is Still Honest” at Punks In Vegas.  Check here for more ticket information.



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31 Responses to “Win tickets to see Laura Jane Grace make her solo Philly debut at MilkBoy on 8/10”

  1. justinsomething

    Justin Glowacki!

  2. Katherine

    I’ve seen Tom Gabel solo and with Against Me! and Laura Jane Grace with Against Me! Want to see her solo! –Kate Tyler Wall

  3. nikki

    nikki karam

  4. elgordo

    Gordon Vreim would quite enjoy free tickets to see Laura Jane in such an intimate venue!

  5. AndyGapin

    Andy Gapin

  6. Sethuku

    Seth Eisenstein. Laura has been a personal inspiration to me and her music has kept me afloat during some of my darker days, especially when I first came out and transitioned at school. This would mean the world to me.

  7. heatherjowill

    Heather Williams

  8. jengray

    Jen gray!

  9. Briana DeFilippis

    Briana DeFilippis

  10. Josh Austin

    Josh Austin

  11. Tiffany McCullough

    This will be amazing and I would be overjoyed to get to see her play. I haven’t gotten to back to Philly to see my family but I’d be there for this! – Tiffany McCullough

  12. Pupper

    Can’t wait for this show! Mariah Austin

  13. donutemergency

    Tess Yardney! Can’t wait!

  14. Cristina Calderhead

    Against Me! has been my favorite band since I was 12 and Laura has been a huge inspiration to me since then. Her coming out gave me the courage to come out to my family and friends. I had tickets to go see Against Me! play in Philly a few months ago, but unfortunately they canceled the show and I was heartbroken. I would be so grateful for the opportunity to see Laura play – Cristina Calderhead

  15. Marc Snitzer

    Would love to see this, LJG is mad inspiring and I have dug Against Me! since i was a wee lad in 6th grade. So many school bus rides with those weird stolen demos from Searching for a Former Clarity on my brother’s iPod Photo.

  16. Adam

    Adam Ali. we’re never going home…

  17. Christian Califano

    BEEN WAITING FOR THIS RECORD 3 TIMES OVER. would die of excitment seein her live!

  18. Paul

    Paul Markowicz

  19. Kristin

    Kristin Zuhone

  20. Daniel Loch

    There would be no better gift for my birthday then free tickets too see Laura Jane Grace! I turn 27 Aug 4 and would be so happy, I’ve traveled to all corners of the country for Against Me! shows! Daniel Loch

  21. Aliya Amilani

    Aliya Amilani

  22. Chris Nussman

    last time she played philly solo it was one of the most fun shows i’ve ever seen. can’t wait for this!

  23. Lindsay Creighton

    After seeing Against Me! Over the years, I would love to go see Laura Jane Grace

  24. Alicia Perkowski

    pick me por favor. Alicia Perkowski

  25. hayley di giacinto

    Hayley DiGiacinto
    Please & Thank You!

  26. Kristen Swanson

    I can’t wait for this show. You gotta respect someone that has the guts to be themselves and that has the passion to do something they love. Total respect for LJG.

  27. amanda groff

    So excited! my boyfriend was infatuated with tom gabel and is even more infatuated with laura! i would love to take him to this show. thanks for the oppurtunity to see this for free!
    amanda groff –

  28. Cadah Goulet

    SO GOOD! I can’t wait.
    Cadah Goulet,

  29. leszlie

    Ummmm…. yes, please.
    Timothy Sandor /

  30. Amanda Yesiolowski


  31. Jessica Cuttic

    Jessica Cuttic would *love* to be there.

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