The Key Studio Sessions: Vacationer


All photos by Abi Reimold |

As much of the greater Philadelphia region is packing up their cars, crossing their fingers for good weather and shoving off for several days down the shore, Vacationer seems as appropriate as ever. Brainchild of Abington native Kenny Vasoli, singer for alterna-punk outfits The Starting Line and Person L, the band is very much about relaxation and escape. It started a year and some ago as more of a solo project, a chillout electro-pop respite from Vasoli’s more aggressive musical pursuits. Interweaving samples of jazzy wind instruments and vibraphones, pattering electronic beats, sounds of surf and seagulls, it pretty much embodies what people are talking about when they talk about “sun-kissed” music. There’s sadness and stress in his lyrics, but the breezy instrumental tones ease it away into optimism.

The Gone LP was released in 2012, and then something unexpected happened: Vacationer became a band. Joining Vasoli last year for an initial tour – that has since branched into a regular music / DJ party at Underground Arts called Nude Beach – is Mathew Young on vibes, Michael Mullen on keys, Gregory Altman on guitar and Ryan Zammero on drums. The band convened on XPN studios a few weeks back, and you can hear the results in today’s Key Studio Session. Give a listen to these live performances of five tracks from Gone, check out a photo gallery from the session above, watch a video of opening number “Good as New” (shot by our friends at Bands in the Backyard) below, and download the entire set for listening (and soothing) while you’re stuck in traffic on the Parkway east. You’ll get there soon enough, and everything’s gonna be okay.




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  1. jef

    I honestly don’t even know how to describe the feelings Vacationer gives me~*~*~

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