Speedy Ortiz release new video for “Tiger Tank” (playing Golden Tea House 8/13)


speedy_ortiz_wide-1218cbd647ef206e7db4a6086275d281b0bd133a-s6-c30Speedy Ortiz, the indie-punk outfit based out of Northampton, MA, released its debut full length, Major Arcana, today via Carpark. In addition to the album, they’ve also put out a video for the previously released single “Tiger Tank.” The video, directed by Matthew Caron, features the band playing in a shredded paper infested basement, as well as a character getting ready for a night of amateur Mexican wrestling. Check it out below, and be sure to catch Speedy Ortiz next month, when they’ll be wrapping up their tour of Major Arcana with a show at the Golden Tea House . More info can be found here.



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