My Morning Download: “Lost” by Scavenger Hunt


ScavengerHunt Scavenger Hunt are a dreamy electro-pop duo featuring singer Jill Lamoureux with melodies and production by Dan Mufson. A native of Wichita, KS, Lamoureux is a jazz performer and the lead singer of the indie-folk duo Wing and Hollow. Mufson’s a hometown boy; a well respected music composer whose music you’ve likely heard on television commercials (Target, Droid, Mercedes, and that 2011 Skechers Superbowl commercial with Kim Kardashian, among others). We also can’t overlook the fact that Dan was a production intern for World Cafe, about a decade ago.

Dan first heard Jill when he went to see one of her shows at Molly Malone’s legendary Irish Pub in Hollywood, CA. The next day Dan called on Jill to lend her vocals to an ad Dan was composing. The duo quickly realized how much they enjoyed writing together and decided to take their jingles a step further into full songs by starting a recording project, and Scavenger Hunt began. They are currently working on a fuller length project, however, in exchange for your e-mail address, you can download “Lost,” a melodically infectious electro-pop jam with sultry vocals by Lamoureux.

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