Julianna Barwick finds her other half in new video (playing with Sigur Ros September 20th)


Photo: Shawn Brackbill
Photo: Shawn Brackbill
Keeping true to her meditative sound of layered voices and atmospheric acoustics, Julianna Barwick”s video for “One Half,” a song from her upcoming album, Nepenthe, finds her other half in an illusory state enhanced by her whispering vocals. Close ups of Barwick’s hand holding an elegantly decorative knife, eyes, and a Victorian dress are cut in between shots of her demolishing a small tower of flowers on top of fruit and drizzling icing. Barwick will be touring with Iceland’s ethereal post rock outfit, Sigur Ros, and will be opening for them at their Mann Center show, September 20th. Find more information and tickets for the September show here.

Watch the video for “One Half” below.

Listen to Barwick’s album, (out 8/20), in its entirety here via NPR Music.



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