Tonight’s Concert Picks: Liz and the Lost Boys at The Fire, Black Prarie and Spirit Family Reunion at The Abbey Bar



Although originally out of College Park, Maryland, Liz & the Lost Boys have made a new home for themselves in Philly, releasing their self-titled debut LP from their current residence last month.  Liz & the Lost Boys are best described as a folk band, but their music seems to take influence from several other genres.  Piano parts often seem tinged with jazzy open chords, while singer Liz Ciavolino bounces over melodies with quirky pop sensibilities and the occasional classical harp squeezes in as well.  Tonight, you can catch the group at The Fire along with The North Country.  Check out one of the group’s songs below click here for ticket information.

So you weren’t able to make it to the Philly Folk Fest this weekend.  Or maybe you just didn’t have time to see these incredible bands.  Either way, tonight is your lucky chance to catch Black Prairie and Spirit Family Reunion again.  Both bands stem from traditional or “old-timey” music, featuring, fiddles, acordians, banjos and beautiful country harmonies.  Black Prairie hail from Oregon and features members of the Decemberists as well as other prominent Portland musicians, getting together to have fun and create genre-bending bluegrass.  Spirit Family Reunion, though they sound like they hail from the deep south, actually started out playing street corners in New York, gaining popularity for their lively old-school sound, using just one mic for the entire band.  Both groups are incredible live and play the best non-traditional, traditional blue-grass around.  Check out the groups’ music below and be sure to catch them tonight at The Abbey Bar.



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