Tonight’s Concert Picks: Jazz Funk & Soul at Wiggins Park, Hollenlarm at Kung Fu Necktie



Tonight, as part of Camden’s Sunset Jazz series, there will be a free show called, “Jazz Funk & Soul” at Wiggins Park.  The show includes Jeff Lorber, Evrette Harp and Chuck Loeb (pictured).  Lorber, a Philly native and an incredibly skilled pianist, has one many awards for his jazz and is considered a founding father of the smooth-jazz genre.  Harp is a Texan saxophonist whose blues-inspired jazz has been well regarded since the beginning of the 90s.  And rounding out the night is Chuck Loeb, a jazz-guitarist with skills few can match.  Together, this is the mecca of smooth jazz in a great venue for free.  Check out some of the artists’ music below and click here for information about the concert.

And if smooth jazz isn’t your thing (or if you have incredibly diverse music tastes), you can also catch a solid set of metal tonight at Kung Fu Necktie.  First up is Bottom Feeder, a sludge metal band from Copenhagen, followed by Ladybird, a stoner metal band hailing from Arizona, whose sound is a little smoother, slower and darker.  After them comes Hollenlarm a Pennsylvania doom metal band who released their last album, Hellish Noise, in 2011.  And last but not least is the Philly post-hardcore band, Carved Up.  Together, these bands make up a long and solid night of metal, spanning different sub-genres that are sure to make any metal fan very happy.  Check out some of the group’s songs below and click here for concert info.

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