Listen to “Dual Life,” the latest collaborative track from Cold Graves

Craig Almquist and Al Smith of Cold Fronts
Craig Almquist and Al Smith of Cold Fronts. Zach Sewell, aka Grave Goods, is less commonly photographed

The Cold Graves project – a collaboration of Cold Fronts and producer Zach Sewall (aka Grave Goods) – has grown fruitful enough that it now merits its own Soundcloud page. With a new official web presence, the band has a new song as well; “Dual Life” maintains some of the mysterious gurgling-synthesizer vibe of the band’s previous offerings, but doesn’t reach the same spooky depths. Which makes it the first Cold Graves track that aims in an extrovertedly direction; its like they spiked their Polica with some Washed Out, if you will. Listen below.

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