Listen to “Invisible,” a new single from The Dismemberment Plan (playing Union Transfer on 11/3)


dismembermentplan-1374511628For a return to the public ear, the new music we’ve been hearing from The Dismemberment Plan like the guys haven’t missed a beat in their near-deade hiatus. The new single “Invisible”, released today, begins on a warped violin sample – a minor key scale ascends, and loops to intense effect as Travis Morrison sings a verse overtop. The drums and guitars barrel in, and it kicks into classic DisPlan mode: a little bit askew, very poppy on the refrain, a first-person observational perspective, the stream of consciousness thoughts of a hyper-introvert: “Yeah, that’s me. Of course it gets a little lonely. One day I’m gonna find my groove.” Listen to it below. The Dismemberment Plan plays Union Transfer on Nov. 3; tickets and information can be found here.



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