XPN’s Gotta Hear Song of the Week: “Young Fathers” by Typhoon


typhoon-2This week’s “Gotta Hear Song of the Week” is “Young Fathers,” a new single from Portland indie rock collective Typhoon. The band numbers somewhere between 11 and 13 members, depending on what photograph you’re looking at, and its debut record, White Lighter, was released on August 20th via Roll Call Records. XPN’s Bruce Warren calls it a “more tender version of Arcade Fire and every bit as dynamic, creative and engaging.”

“Creative” is definitely a good word for it, since “Young Fathers” is like nothing else you’ll hear on the airwaves right now. Its jangling guitar and singalong vocals crisscross paths in a jagged introduction, starting and stopping like puzzle pieces trying to fit together. A breezy drum fill pops up, some keyboards nudge their way in and all of a sudden the puzzle locks with a solid beat that holds this four-minute pop song together. It’s at once unconventional, anthemic and utterly addictive.

The band headlines Johnny Brenda’s on October 1st (tickets are available here), and while we’re curious to see how they all manage to fit on the Fishtown venue’s tiny stage, we’re more excited to hear the exuberant energy in their songs translate in a live setting. Listen to “Young Fathers” below.



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