30 Days of Philly Arts: The Colonial Theatre presents A Face In The Crowd today


faceinthecrowd The Colonial Theater in Phoenixville, today starts a film series starring actors who “usually play nice guys but who are cast in these movies as despicable human beings.” In A Face In The Crowd, Andy Griffith’s film debut, the man America loved as TV’s small town sheriff Andy Taylor on Mayberry R.F.D. plays Larry “Lonesome” Rhodes, a small town drunk, drifter and country musician who rises to fame and influence on national television. Directed by Elia Kazan, the 1957 film is based on a short story called “The Arkansas Traveller” by Budd Schulberg and also stars Patricia Neal, Lee Remick and Walter Matthau. In 2008, A Face In The Crowd joined other films like The Asphalt Jungle and Deliverance in the National Film Registry. It has as much resonance today as when it came out in 1957 for what the Library of Congress calls “a dark look at the way sudden fame and power can corrupt.”

A Face In The Crowd today at 2 PM at the Colonial Theatre. Go here for tickets and more information. Below, sneak a peek at the trailer for the movie.




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