My Morning Download: “Baby Loses Her Mind” by Josh Berwanger

Photo by Rebecca Armstrong
Photo by Rebecca Armstrong

In the early 00s, Josh Berwanger was the singer and songwriter behind the excellent midwestern  five-piece The Anniversary. Over a half-dozen years, that band built a considerable buzz around indie rock and emo circles, touring relentlessly and releasing two LPs – most notably 2002’s intricate, elegant and classic rock informed outing Your Majesty – along with an assortment of singles and EPs. But by the middle of the decade, they had burnt out, and when Berwanger’s follow-up project (the alt-country five-piece The Only Children) didn’t take off in the same way, he returned home to Lawrence, Kansas to coach high school basketball. But music came calling again late last year, and a new solo album called Strange Stains was recorded with original Anniversary bandmate Michael Hutcherson. You’ll hear nods to the radio rock canon of the 70s and 80s across its eleven tracks – especially in today’s My Morning Download, “Baby Loses Her Mind,” which echoes the gritty chops of Hüsker Dü and the hooky pop of Paul Westerberg. It was recorded in collaboration with Jim Macpherson (The Breeders, Guided By Voices) on drums in the mountains of Sedalia, Colorado. Download the song below; Strange Stains came out on Good Land Records on October 1st, and is available here.

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