Ballin’ Oates: Wu-Tang and Kanye West meet Hall & Oates


New York based producer, musician, and remixer Scott Melker is at it again. He’s just released his third in a series of remix / mashup EP’s and this time out he’s taken on Hall & Oates. On Ballin’ Oates, Melker takes five Hall & Oates classics and mixes in songs and raps from Wu-Tang Clan, Kanye West, T.I., Twista and others. Melker’s previous hip-hop remix projects included The Skeetles (The Beatles), and Skeetwood Mac (Fleetwood Mac). You can download all of the music on Soundcloud here. Below, download Ballin’ Oates.



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3 Responses to “Ballin’ Oates: Wu-Tang and Kanye West meet Hall & Oates”

  1. Killah

    Any Dumb ass can put 2 songs together… I hope Hall and Oats send him a seize and desist letter soon.

  2. Paul Weber

    This is great. This goes beyond a simple mash up. It seems like the artist obviously put in quite a bit of time to rearrange and recompose huge parts of these songs.

  3. NickG

    The next guest on LFDH!

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