Review: Batty’s Demo EP (playing Johnny Brenda’s tonight and New Year’s Eve)

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Artwork via

Philadelphia-bred punk trio Batty released their Demo EP back in August and it’s dripping with potential. The six-track set opens with guitar and drum instrumentation on “Summoning Call” that builds slowly for about a minute and a half before the singing begins. It sounds more like the outline of a song that could be even better with further developed lyrics. They pack a punch with the sassy “No One Cares About You” before delivering the standout track “Someday” which features harmonized vocals that take on a catchy melody which may even compliment a more indie-pop arrangement than a rock one. “Spent Time” is short and sweet (barely 2 minutes) but has a spark that could be a flame when performed live. Batty seems to be channeling their inner Smashing Pumpkins on the five and a half minute grungy instrumental track “Livin a Lie” before ending with the breezy punk tune, “Easy”. Overall, the band have a raw punk sound that could be even more effective with some risk-taking and added lyrics. Batty opens for Bleeding Rainbow tonight at Johnny Brenda’s (tickets here) and will end kiss 2013 goodbye at Johnny Brenda’s on New Year’s Eve (tickets here).



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