My Morning Download (Bonus edition): “Divisionary (Do The Right Thing)” by Ages and Ages


L - R | Tim Perry & Rob Oberdorfer (Credit | Alicia J Rose)
L – R | Tim Perry & Rob Oberdorfer (Credit | Alicia J Rose)
Portland, Oregon rock and roll band Ages and Ages are releasing its new album, Divisionary, on Partisan Records on March 25th. Ages and Ages formed in 2009, founded by guitarist and singer Tim Perry, Rob Oberdorfer (bass, percussion, vocals), Graham Mackenzie (percussion, vocals), and Daniel Hunt (drums, percussion, vocals), along with their friends and other musicians from Portland. The band debuted in 2011 with Alright You Restless . Divisionary reflects the numerous life changes band members went through over the last several years. During a period of time after the band released their debut various members suffered the loss of a mother, a father, a sister, three grandparents, and two very dear friends. “I can’t emphasize enough the impact that these losses were having on our personal lives and of course, on the band as a whole,” says Tim Perry. “But there were also a lot of great things happening. One of us had a child and another got married. Life was tipping both ends of the scale, sometimes all at once. Either way you cut it, there was a lot of change going on in our lives.” Below, listen/download the title song from the album.

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