Pixies release new EP 2 and video for “Blue-Eyed Hexe” (playing Electric Factory on 1/24)

from "Blue-Eyed Hexe" by Pixies
From “Blue-Eyed Hexe” by Pixies

Pixies follow up 2013’s EP 1 with four more new songs, collectively titled EP 2.  Along with the record comes a video for the song “Blue-Eyed Hexe,” animated with a collage of image cut-outs and recurring brains, clowns, and x-ed out eyes.  Pixies’s Black Francis, explaining the background of the song, said “It’s a tale from the northwestern part of the UK, and it’s a witch-woman kind of song.  That’s what a ‘hexe’ is, and ours is a blue-eyed hexe.”  Check out the video below and pick up tickets to the Pixies’ January 24th show at the Electric Factory here.



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