Listen to Zakee’s new single “Mountain Dreams”



Zakee | photo via
Zakee | photo via

Local musician and DJ Zakee has released his first new track of 2014, a beautifully drifting song called “Mountain Dreams.”  With soft “ooohs” and delicate acoustic guitar melodies, the recording recalls floating clouds as Zakee’s rich vocals strike a balance between balladry and R&B.  Stream the new song below and keep an ear out for the forthcoming Rise of the Rebels: Assimilations LP this spring.



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4 Responses to “Listen to Zakee’s new single “Mountain Dreams””

  1. Casey

    This song is so amazing

  2. Zein

    Zakee’s voice is pretty. I’m in love with this.

  3. Lo

    Love this song! His sound sort of reminds me of 90s festival music…great stuff.

  4. Morgan

    beautiful voice

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