My Morning Download: Meet psychedelic indie-rockers Avers (playing Johnny Brenda’s 1/18)


Avers | photo by Sarah Walor
Avers | photo by Sarah Walor
Avers is a new five piece group that includes Alexandra Spalding and Adrian Olsen of HyperColor, JL Hodges of Farm Vegas, James Mason of Mason Brothers, Charlie Glenn of The Trillions and Tyler Williams, the drummer from The Head and The Heart. The roots of the band members in Avers are in the local music sceneo in RVA – Richmond, Virginia. Tyler, from The Head and The Heart, was living in Richmond before he packed up and moved to Seattle to join The Head and The Heart.

Avers came together like many new projects often start in local music scenes; friendships, shared musical interests and the willingness to try something new. In an interview on, the band members tell writer Jessi Coble how they got together:

JAMES: The genesis was when I met Adrian and we had this idea to start a project. And from there we just brought in people we thought would be good for it and it was just magical in terms of how everyone got along and how much fun we had.

ADRIAN: It was really funny for me because we talked about it a long time ago. And then I screwed up and forgot to book time in the studio (Montrose Studio) and so I had all this time so I thought, let’s just do it, get together. We didn’t know who to call. So Alex had expressed interest and JL and James were really tight at the time.

JAMES: JL and I were writing songs for my other band, Mason Brothers, and I was taking a quick break and I heard JL doing something that sounded like some sick psychedelic riff and I had never heard anything like that from him before so I was like, hey, do you want to get into a side project that’s psychedelic? And then Tyler came into the mix after meeting him at Balliceaux.

TYLER: It is funny for me because I was hanging out with Patrick Ball who was our monitor guy for the last couple months for The Head and The Heart and he and I just went out and I instantly saw the two of them and was like who are those cool looking people, they look way cooler than anyone in this room I gotta meet them. So Patrick introduced me to Alex and then Adrian later. A couple weeks after that we went to see Tame Impala and we ended back here (Montrose) jamming.

Avers recorded its debut album, Empty Light in Richmond at Montrose Recording. Their illuminating psychedelia is captured perfectly on “White Horses”, that you can download below. They play Johnny Brenda’s on Saturday, January 18th with Geology and Bradford Bucknum, lead singer and songwriter from Oldermost.



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