Explore new soundscacpes on The Interest Group’s EP 1

The Interest Group | Photo by Max R. Holland
The Interest Group | Photo by Max R. Holland

Local indie psych band The Interest Group has released a new effort called EP 1.  The five-song collection comes after the four-piece’s 2013 debut 7″ “Passenger” / “Vagabond Dreamer.”

Songwriting partners Marissa Lesnick and Yohsuke Araki, along with bassist Kyle Garvey and drummer Steven Urgo, have developed a singular mood and sound over the last couple years, first manifested as their own with a cover of The Network’s “The Boys and The Girls.”  With EP 1, the 60s psych ripples out to encompass overtones from a variety of musical corners.  For example, though the Jefferson Airplane-esque snare rolls are present on “Locked On,” Lesnick’s vocal agility pulls more from a world music direction.  And lead track “Fear” opens with a soundscape reminiscent of Urgo’s atmospheric experimental / pop solo recordings from 2010 / 2011 before building into a mega-jam with crunchy guitars and Araki’s deep new wave vocals.

Stream the full EP below and check out their debut single here.



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